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90% of our garments are made in two family owned factories in Humen, China. We have had an ongoing relationship with both of these factories for many years and continue to monitor, visit and work with both factories to maintain fair and ethical working conditions. Alpha60 is the primary customer for these factories and we have been working with them to ensure that conditions are good and fair.
Each factory works with small runs. The high quality that we demand in our production requires skilled workers and as a result the wages are well above the minimum for the region. The lowest paid worker is 2 times above the minimum wage amount and wages increase as skill levels of the employees increase.
The employees at our factories are experienced. At time of writing this, the youngest employee is 24 years old. No under aged person will be employed at any factory.
The production lines are both end to end, with no outsourcing during the CMT process.This allows us to ensure that working conditions are not compromised with outsourcing.
Printing, pleating and embroidery require specialist machines that are operated externally and run by trusted independent factories.

We will continue to inspect and work with these factories to ensure that conditions meet and exceed our requirements.

As a company we look at ways to improve the sustainability of our processes and practices.

Our focus has been on creating quality garments that last numerous seasons lasting through trends and durability. We will endeavour to improve all of our processes to limit the impact that we have on the environment.

We have reduced our single use plastics by 90% in the past 12 months and a program to eliminate all single use plastics in our production and postage by the end of 2019.

We have never, and will never use any fur or exotic leathers in our production.

We work on a direct to consumer business model.  By cutting out the middleman, we are able to charge approachable prices for a higher-quality product.

If you would like any further information please get in contact at info@alpha60.com.au.